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Not all policies are created equal, and not all consumers have similar needs.

Term Life

Often called “pure insurance” because it’s intended only to protect your dependents in case you die prematurely.

  • The greatest death benefit for the lowest premium
  • The premiums remain the same throughout the contract’s duration
  • The most common terms are 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-years
  • Term is significantly less expensive when compared to whole life

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No Exam

It’s a type of coverage that doesn’t require a clinical examination as a part of the underwriting process.

  • You need life insurance immediatly and don’t want to delay
  • You simply want to avoid going through a physical exam
  • You can have coverage in force within days instead of weeks
  • The coverage can be anywhere from $50,000 up to as much as $500,000

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Final Expense

Final expense insurance is used to cover the charges of affairs specifically related to your death.

  • The face amount is usually between $5,000 and $50,000
  • Final expense insurance is a permanent coverage
  • Permanent life insurance policies carry cash value
  • Final expense policiies do not require and exam

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Finally, There’s a Better Way to Find the Right Policy for You

Prices are fixed by law, so why go elsewhere to find the lowest quote?

When We Say No Sales Pressure We Mean It
We are not a call center that is under the monthly guillotine quota, and you are not just a number to us. We would rather present all options without using high-pressure sales techniques.

Nothing Is Ever Hidden from You
In today’s online world, most businesses are hiding behind a computer, and it can take days to get a reply or a call-back. We make getting life insurance quotes effortless.

You Will Not Find a Lower Premium Rate
Despite what you may have heard, prices are fixed by law, which means no broker can offer you a lesser rate for the same plan. Choosing the wrong plan may lead to higher premiums.

Less Daunting Underwriting Process
Our brokers are trained and seasoned in guiding you through this specialized process, to make sure you get the best rates possible, even if you are a high-risk individual.

We Represent More Than 50 Companies
We work for you, not the insurance company, which is why we represent over 50 companies. Be skeptical when an agent represents only one company. This limits your choices.

It’s Free! We Get Paid by the Insurer
There is no cost to you for using a broker to help you through this process. Because we get paid by the insurance carrier, you get our knowledge, our experience, and our help all for free.

Choosing the Right Broker Is the Key to Obtaining the Best Policy

A broker represents the client, not the insurer. Don’t get trapped dealing with just one company.

Free Quotes from Top-rated Companies

62% Savings on Term Life

30 Sec. to Find the Best Quote

One might think choosing an insurance broker should be an effortless process. Select the one that offers you the lowest price, right? Well, that’s certainly not the case. Rather than submitting applications with eight different carriers, use a broker who has extensive knowledge in dealing with your distinct health condition to place you with the appropriate carrier with the highest chance for approval.